Are you longing to learn how to become a top-level coach for professional women, and do what it takes to build more success, confidence and impact in the work you love?

The Amazing Career™ Coach Certification training is for you!

  • You long to make a bigger impact, and generate more reward, success and satisfaction as a coach, but you’re struggling with exactly how to do it. 
  • Your coaching business IS growing, but you feel exhausted working so hard, that there’s no time or energy (or money) left over to live a joyful life.
  • There are so many different opinions and options out there for you to follow, to market and grow, that you’re overwhelmed and confused about the best options for you specifically.

  • You realize that you need additional coaching training and business growth knowledge to become a recognized coach that helps women transform their lives successfully. 
  • You want expert, high-level support from someone you can trust who is a renowned international career, executive and leadership coach and adviser to professional women. You want to learn from a professional woman who will give you real-world guidance from a place of integrity and honesty -- someone who's been where you are, and created big success in ways that will be helpful for you to learn from.

I believe you’re here on this page right now because of

one (or more!) of these reasons:

If this is you, you’re in the right place!

... and help them achieve amazing success, but you haven't been trained deeply or comprehensively enough in coaching or in the numerous other critical personal and professional growth modalities to make that happen. You know you need to learn new strategies and approaches to support your professional female clients to "dig deep, discover their right work, and illuminate the world with it, " but you don't know how.  


And you know that there's much more to coaching than so many of the standard training programs teach. You want to learn how to be the best at what you do.

Here’s what I know about you

(because this was me early on in my coaching business)…

With so many different (and contradictory) business-building, coaching and marketing strategies out there, it’s frustrating (and expensive!) trying out one tactic after another, with dollars flowing out fast and no new clients coming in consistently. 

Kathy will teach you what she has found to be essential marketing and business-building strategies for today's digital world, and you'll work directly with Kathy on:

  • Identifying and Reaching Your Specific Target Niche
  • Key Branding Essentials
  • Attracting the Clients You Want To Work With
  • Communications & Marketing Strategy
  • Packaging and Pricing
  • Client Management Essentials
  • Building your Authentic Thought Leadership
  • Speaking and Workshop development
  • Developing a Large Following and Engaged Community

...and more!

You need expert coaching growth help AND top-level support

…and know that, without proper systems and a library of effective, proven resources, strategies and techniques, you are reinventing the wheel with every single client. You want "insider" tips and info from an internationally recognized coach, speaker, writer and thought leader who will talk straight and give you the feedback you need and want. 

You need and want to take steps this month to build more confidence and authority to attract the level of clients you long to support.

You’re driven to serve your clients

You want to learn multiple, proven approaches to helping women

I know exactly what you’re going through, and I’ve learned a better way - one that is integrity-filled, valued-based, purpose-driven, and authentic. And I'll be with you every step of the way in this course.

I transformed from a struggling new coach to…

  • Being named "Senior Contributor" on (with more than 32+  million views to date on my "Career Bliss" blog)
  • Writing a groundbreaking book -- Breakdown, Breakthrough - that helps improve women's lives and writing a 2nd book today
  • Building of a powerful tribe on LinkedIn, with over 911,000+ followers!
  • Connecting with over 80,000 women leaders and entrepreneurs following me weekly
  • Becoming 1 of 5 CT winners of a “Make Mine a Million Dollar Business” award
  • Featured in hundreds of national media outlets including Oprah Magazine, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, L.A. Times, Working Mother, The Washington Times, US News & World Report and more
  • Earning multiple six figures in a coaching and consulting business I truly love

And I’m going to share with you the exact coaching, marketing, and business building steps I've found are essential in moving from struggle to success. But more importantly, together we'll arrive at  proven strategies that will work for YOUR personal and authentic style and values.

When I started my coaching business 13 years ago, I struggled hard. I made every mistake in the book — serious, costly mistakes — as I pursued the ‘latest’ trend, only to find myself exhausted and drained, without enough time or energy to effectively serve the clients I had or build my coaching business. And I wasted a TON of money.

What I finally learned was that, to be successful and stand apart from the competition, we need to master powerful personal as well as business growth strategies AND address our OWN fears, challenges and confidence gaps (and we all have some!).

I moved forward to build a system that effectively leveraged my expertise and training (including corporate leadership, therapy, coaching, spirituality, writing, etc.) in helping professional women advance and build successful, impactful careers. I went from struggling to grow my business to leading an amazing tribe of engaged, talented women leaders and entrepreneurs around the world.

Coaches who successfully complete my Amazing Career Project Coach Certification 17-week training have the opportunity to learn my signature system, The Amazing Career Project,  which has been tested and proven highly effective in generating career growth and success for professional women around the world.

It’s helped hundreds of women globally achieve personal fulfillment and enduring success in a wide array of markets, fields and industries.

To hear ACP course members share their raves about the program, click here.

I created this training program based on powerful findings from my yearlong in-depth research studies “Women Succeeding Abundantly” and “Women Overcoming Professional Crisis” which culminated in my groundbreaking book Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Women’s Guide to Claiming a Life Of Passion, Power and Purpose.

And now I’d love to train you in this exact model!

Do you want to learn the same system I developed to help my clients -- and my business -- thrive?

Here’s what Amazing Career™ Coach Certification

 members have shared:

I’m a testimonial that this program works! I’ve totally transformed everything since last year, since starting with Kathy. Now I’m I building my coaching practice, completing my yoga teacher certification, I’m doing so many things! This morning, I was telling my husband as I was getting into my car to come to work, that I’m so happy! In the past year I’ve never felt like I do today. I’m free. I feel so happy.

Damaris N., ACC Member

I didn’t know I was going to learn so much about myself through it all. I’m in a much better place because of it. There was so much uncertainty and there was so much I had to work through. Now I feel that the path is open.

Theresa D., ACC Member

This program has given me a great sense of validation that I’m not off track as a coach. You’ve also given give me a lot of additional dimension about the internal work people need to succeed. You’ve spent a lot of energy and thinking into what’s blocking people, and you offer a systematic way to understand that, and a lot of depth for us to look with clients. Ultimately, many people know what they need to do, but can’t take the step they need. This program was very beneficial, to drill deep, and to do my own internal work as well. 

Lily Q., ACC Member

Now YOU can be trained in this proven process and use it in your practice, while also learning essential marketing and business growth strategies, with my Amazing CareerCoach Certification Program!

Many coaches and consultants today claim to know how to help their clients go from “I don’t know what I want” to “I know what I want and I know how to get it!” But truth-be-told, very few coaches have a proven model for change - and effective marketing strategies -- that reliably brings their businesses to the next level.

Now you can – by becoming an Amazing Career™ Certified Coach in just 17 weeks!

And get top-level marketing support by joining Kathy’s “tribe” of Amazing Career™ certified coaches

Knowing exactly how to help your clients break through their inertia to build an amazing life and career is the ticket to success and fulfillment that your clients are longing for. AND it’s key to infusing your coaching practice with the powerful tools it needs to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Not only will you get access to my complete Amazing Career Project program but vital information that other coach training programs fail to address – how to realistically and effectively earn money and market yourself successfully to create more profit and passion in work you love.

Through the knowledge you’ll gain in this program, and the licensing of this program for your own work, you’ll able to build your reputation as a successful coach  who helps clients expand their success.  And you'll have the powerful opportunity to close your power gaps and resolve your own personal and business challenges that are keeping you from greater success, reward and recognition in your work.

Whether you serve female entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, corporate professionals, or job seekers, once you become an Amazing Career™ Certified Coach, you’ll be helping your clients step up to the power of true breakthrough in ways that will transform their careers. 

Sounds awesome, right?

Get real-world help that will change how you do business.


What Drew You To Kathy's Course?

What Benefits Did You Receive?

Did It Exceed Your Expectations?

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Are you ready?

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Here’s what you’ll get with the

Amazing Career™ Coach Certification program:

A proven model for change, giving you more time to focus on your clients instead of content creation:

  • License to use the Amazing Career Project 16-week video training in your business*
  • 16 cutting edge, exciting Amazing Career Project video training modules
  • 16 tailored ACP homework assignments to move clients forward

Experienced coaching, mentorship, marketing and business consulting from Kathy to guide you in creating your own successful coaching business

  • 17 weekly, live 60-minute Q&A calls (held at a mutually convenient time) with Kathy to guide you through the training and answer your most burning questions
  • 4 dedicated marketing modules that teach critical marketing strategies for your business

  • Special access to add-on coaching, marketing and thought leadership support programs to further your progress after the training is completed

  • A special member-only online support group, where Kathy and her support coaches answer your specific questions and address your challenges

Step-by-step guide to providing your clients expert, high-level support

  • A systematized process for helping clients identify their talents and passions, clear blocks in the way of great success, and leverage their talents in satisfying and rewarding work

  • New strategies to help your clients refine their own unique value, talents, passions and personal brands

  • Expert training materials, surveys, and client forms with easy-to-use, fillable PDFs

Top-level Market Exposure and Marketing Toolbox that would take years to build on your own!

  • Great marketing exposure through Kathy's Amazing Career™ Certification Coach referral network
  • Marketing tools and support to help you leverage your Amazing Career™ Certification

REFERRAL BONUS of over $193.00 for every individual who purchases the Amazing Career Project video series through your unique affiliate link.

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: Special discounts to Kathy’s marketing and coach training programs and in-person events, to learn all you need to take your coaching practice to the highest level of success and reward!

ONGOING SUPERVISION!  After the 17-week program is concluded, you'll receive eight, monthly 30-minute Supervision Calls with Kathy, to help you get the supervision, oversight and support you need to learn how to address your toughest client issues.

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of over 45,000!

*Certification and license to use the Amazing Career Project is granted only after a passing grade is achieved on the oral and written Certification exam at the end of the 17-week training. License to use the Amazing Career Project video series in your practice is good for one year from date of certification, and is for use with individual clients only. Re-certification is required annually.

Insider information that’s proven and backed by research

  • Key concepts from Kathy’s ongoing research with professional women and business owners, and her book Breakdown, Breakthrough
  • Essential growth concepts from Kathy’s and interviews with top international thought leaders and movers and shakers

Ready to build your coaching to the next level? 

Now is the time to Find Brave, Close Your Power Gaps and take BOLD action!

Will you continue to stay stuck, over-committed on time and money, and struggling to get momentum, or will you choose to take advantage of a proven system to build your impact, marketing power and success?  

With the Amazing Career™ Certification Program, you can take advantage of my years of coaching research and experience and skip over the struggle that I went through years ago. It’s time to start serving your clients more deeply, AND build a growing business you love!

Through the knowledge you'll gain in this program, and the licensing of the Amazing Career Project program for your own work, you'll learn how to build your skill and reputation as a successful change agent, and gain effective marketing and business growth strategies that will support your success in work you love. AND you'll be able to choose from the many options in front of you and how YOU want to run your business as a coach.

As an added bonus, you'll learn critical information about yourself that will help you unlock essential keys to your own personal and professional success that would not otherwise be possible.

I am thrilled to invite a committed group of coaches, consultants, and private practitioners from around the world to be trained in this proven coaching business development system.

It's time to Find Brave and build more success and reward!



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What Thought Leaders Have to Say About Kathy

"Knowing Kathy personally, I know this - she is passionate and deeply committed to helping women build the lives and careers they dream of. And her Amazing Career Project course is a perfect way to get the information, support, and guidance you need if you long to create more happiness and fulfillment in your work."

Shawn Achor

"Kathy Caprino knows her stuff. She's a leading thinker on women and success, and a trusted guide through the process of taking control of your career and getting what you want. Her advice and insights will help you reach the next level."

Dorie Clark

"Kathy Caprino is the real deal. You’ll love her mind and her heart. What she offers to career women is data driven, yet practical in its application. I have enjoyed reading what she writes and applying what she recommends. I encourage you to take advantage of this course and live the life you were meant to live.”

Dr. Tim Elmore

With expert help and guidance — from a successful businesswoman, former corporate marketing VP, international career/executive/leadership coach, 

trained therapist, writer, and top media source who understands the challenges of today's coaches — you’ll move forward in ways you never imagined possible.