Why is the Amazing Career™ Certification™ program a process I can trust?

Based on my 10 years of research with thousands of professional women around the globe, and my work as a therapist, coach, Forbes contributor, media expert, and leadership developer, I have developed a unique, proprietary training system known as The Amazing Career Project. This unique and powerful 16- week video training program offers clients high-level, empowering and effective instruction on the 16 essential steps women need to take if they long to move from unhappy and unsatisfying careers, to rewarding and thrilling ones, in as little as four short months.

And as an Amazing Career™ Certified Coach, you can too!

Why is Kathy my best guide?

As a highly successful women’s career coach and consultant, and renowned media expert on leadership, business growth and women’s career success,  I’ve learned hard lessons about what makes a highly lucrative and successful coaching business, and helps us stand out from the competition as top thought leaders and change agents. The Amazing Career Project video series leverages all my deep expertise and training in helping professional women build successful careers — first as an 18-year high-level corporate executive, then as a marriage and family therapist, women’s career consultant and coach, writer, speaker, workshop facilitator and leadership developer.

The program is designed specifically to help you build greater success, reward and fulfilling in your coaching business, and help your clients thrive.

So, how will this training improve my coaching business?

The business world is evolving fast and so must professional women and professional coaches!

A large part of the Amazing Career Certification system is about helping women dig deep to understand their core strengths, motivation and passions, and clear the pathway of internal and external obstacles that hold them back. They learn to powerfully leverage their talents, skills and gifts to serve others at the highest level and how to effectively monetize their skills, thereby reaching the highest level of success and satisfaction.

This certification program helps coaches and emerging leaders clear their own pathway to greater success and financial reward, and taps into a wide array of leading change methodologies from the worlds of coaching, counseling, consulting, therapy, leadership, personal development, spiritual growth, marketing, branding, thought leadership, business development, and more.

And, you’ll have access to Kathy’s business networks, and become a part of her cadre of certified coaches.